Maintaining a Spotless Theatre for Classy Shows

Spotless theater seats
Spotless theater seats and aisles are a must at upscale venues like Teco.

A hygienic theater can have an influence on the level of attendance of various shows offered by a theater. This is because an environment affects the way in which people view a particular place. It is important to ensure that a classy show is not affected by an unhygienic environment that will make the crowd feeling uncomfortable.

The management of various theaters can incorporate various mechanisms to ensure that the theater is always kept spotless for the possibility to host successful classy shows. Keeping a spotless theater is not a difficult thing to do and only requires a coordinated management effort with staff or service providers who are committed to the process.

Having the right manpower

One of the key components of service delivery is having a good workforce who are committed to what they do.  Employees can be hired initially on a probation basis to asses there level of competence and commitment. In some cases, the management may choose to subcontract an experienced cleaning firm. This will ensure that the management can focus on the core mandate of there existence and that is to ensure that all shows are successfully delivered without hitches

Cleaning interval

The cleaning intervals are highly recommended to be after every show. This is based on the fact that individuals usually bring in food related items that leaves the theater dirty. In this case it is important to have a significant amount of time between shows that will allow the cleaning crew to effectively do the cleaning without compromising the show activities. Having a thorough clean of the facility is also an important aspect of keeping the place spotless. This can be done when the theater is closed for the day. This include the cleaning of fixtures and fitting. It is important to note that seats need to be thoroughly cleaned after every show as they are the main casualties of dirt including from solid and liquid elements

Having the right Equipment

Investing is the right equipment is important in case where the cleaning services is not subcontracted to other professional service providers. This will ensure that certain areas can be cleaned where using one’s hand is difficult e.g. using a vacuum cleaner to clean tight corners.  We utilize steam cleaners on a regular basis to insure all seats are perfectly clean (if fact if you want you can take a look at the ones we evaluated, so you can know which one to choose for yourself, or as the french say, “savoir lequel choisir“.)  The equipment also reduces the amount of time that is spent cleaning and is in most cases more effective than using the normal broom and mop method. Having modern equipment ensures that the area will always be available within the stipulated time as cleaning using equipment usually uses less water that takes less time to dry

Limiting the food related items

One can also limit what type of food and drinks can be allowed within various theaters by implementing a no food from outside policy. This will ensure that clients only purchase certain kinds of food that are packed in a manner that will minimize the spillage of food and drinks in the theater. Limiting the type of food is also of critical importance with certain food items being able to permanently stain the seats or carpets in a theater. This bring about a position in which the theater has to incur extra costs in terms of replacing the stained items.

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