Quilting as an Art Across Generations

Quilting is one art that has moved across generations. It uses both the modern as well as the traditional quilting techniques to being in a position to create art objects through the main form known as art quilting, the mixed media art quilts and also known as the fiber art quilts. Quilting thus involves the process by which two or more layers of fabric are sewed together making up a thicker padded material. The end product is a quilt or also known as quilted garment.

This beautiful quilt might be mistaken for an oil painting…

The quilting process is done in three layers. The topmost layer in a quilt is known as the top fabric or a quilt top. In the second layer of the quilt is an insulating material and finally the backing material that finalizes the layers of the quilt. It can however adopt many different styles. The process of quilting uses simply a needle and a thread. These are used to join the two or more layers which are used in the quit. The needle is then passed through all the layers and its then bringing the needle up.

Quilting is used mainly in creating bed spreads, in making quilt wall hangings, in the making of clothing’s and it is also used in quite a variety of textile products in the textile industry. The entire quilt making process however does not just happen but it involves various activities such as designing, piecing and also applique and binding. The entire process also can be made by hand, also it can be made possible by using a sewing machine or by the use a specialized longarm quilting system.

Types of quilting

Quilting is done however using different types. Hand-quilting and machine quilting are often the main methods that are used. In hand quilting a needle and a thread is what is used to sew a running stitch by use of hand across the entire area that needs to be quilted. A quilter can then make one stitch at a time by the first thing driving the needle through the fabric from the right side. Machine quilting on the other and uses a home sewing machine or can also use a longarm machine so as to sew the layers together.

The layers are tacked before sewing a process that involves laying the top layer of the quilt, battling and also backing out on a flat surface on a flat surface as well as a through the use of safety pins and also tacking the layers together.

Quilting has grown to become an art across all the generations. It began as a potential art in the 70s and has gained grounds since then. The fiber artists slowly began by forming communities, organizing shows to show of the quilt as well as cultivating advocates as well as collectors. Quilting studio has played a very great role in ensuring that the quilting art grows from one generation to another. The studios were developed from a convergence of different influences in both the art and craft worlds of the 20th century. The artists who make the quilts have succeeded in challenging all the boundaries of art, craft as well as quilt and this has led to quilting development cross generations.





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