Fun for a Night Out – What You Should Know About Billiards/Pool

Pool is one of a number of indoor games collectively called billiards. Thought to have developed from a croquet-like lawn game common in the 15th century, this game has evolved into a modern sport. It has featured in many theatre productions and movie scenes. In fact, a number of movies and short films such as 9-ball, the color of money, the hustler, and kiss shot have been built around the game; with stories of players playing for money, and pursuing professional pool playing careers. If these theatre productions have inspired interest or dreams of becoming a big name in the game; here are a few things you should know about it.

Learning the game

Beginners in pool playing have to learn the basics of the game. These include the rules, learning the proper hand position and stance, mastering the aiming techniques and striking the ball. How you hold the cue as you strike the ball, the position of your feet and chin, as well as the length of your strokes, affect your overall performance in the game of pool. Several guides and tutorials can teach you how to improve your playing skill. Having the right tools also impacts your performance.

Get a good cue

The pool cues are not merely simple sticks used to hit the pool balls. While skill may be the most useful thing in winning, players need to use a good cue to boost their chances of a win. In your search for the best pool cues, you need to look at a few features. Look at the quality of the cue. A good cue should be smooth and straight. Run your finger along the surface of the cue, hold it up and use your eyes to see if it is warped at any point. Next, look at the cue’s tip to ascertain that it is well attached and evenly shaped into a dome.

For the shaft, the color, tightness of the wood grain and the number of lines visible mainly influence the appearance. The most important thing is that the shaft must be well cured so that it stays straight. The ferrule, wrap, joint, buttcap, and pin must be properly attached and show no visible traces of glue. The right cue for you would also depend on the size of your hands because the shaft and wrap sizes vary. A smaller shaft and wrap would be easier for a person with smaller hands to handle. In addition, look at the tapering length of the shaft because the shorter it is the firmer your hit will be.


Pool facilities are widely available so you can easily find a place to perfect your new skills. Nevertheless, if you wish to have your own table at home, you can easily install one. Just make sure your choice of the table is guided by key factors such as your budget, how you want to use it, and how large the space is. If you intend to use it for recreational purposes, an 8-foot table should serve you well. You should also consider the playing surface. Pool table surfaces are typically of three types depending on the playing surface material. These are slate, Slatron and MDF. Look at the drop pockets and the ball return system carefully to make sure the balls won’t get stuck.

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