Billiards is a collective name for a number of indoor games which include pool, English billiards, speed pool, snooker, and balkline. Thought to have evolved from a game played as far back as the 15th century, the games are popular with elites and hustlers, ladies and gentlemen alike. Some of these games have featured in theatre productions and movies while billiards tournaments are being held at an international level. Billiards is also thought to have health benefits such as burning calories and stretching. Other benefits include promoting focus and concentration. Seasoned billiards players know the importance of skill and technique in winning a game. They also know the importance of getting the best cues.
Cues are not simple sticks used to hit the balls in billiards. These are items that have been designed with careful consideration and precision to ensure that performance is not in any way hampered by the cue. While skill may be the most useful thing in winning, players need to use a good cue to boost their chances of a win.

Certain types of cues used in the popular billiard games of pool and snooker are so much alike that a snooker player can use a pool cue. These are the 1 or 2 piece cues. The features used to identify a good 1 or 2 piece pool or snooker cue will be more of less the same. In your search for the best pool cues, here are features you need to look at.

Smooth and straight

A good cue should be smooth and straight. Run your finger along the surface of the cue, hold it up and use your eyes to see if it is warped at any point. Next, look at the cue’s tip to ascertain that it is well attached and evenly shaped into a dome.

Well cured

For the shaft, the color, tightness of the wood grain and the number of lines visible mainly influence the appearance. However, the most important thing is that the shaft must be well cured so that it stays straight. The ferrule, wrap, joint, Buttcap, and pin must be properly attached and show no visible traces of glue.

Right size

The right cue for you would also depend on the size of your hands because the shaft and wrap sizes vary. A smaller shaft and wrap would be easier for a person with smaller hands to handle. In addition, look at the tapering length of the shaft because the shorter it is, the firmer your hit will be.

The Snookers game also has 3 and four piece cues that resemble pool in Cues in basic structure but are significantly different. They can have a longer length that can be extended further to achieve longer shots and flat faced butt side. The materials used to create the shafts are also different, and so are the tips and shafts which are smaller in snooker cues. Despite the differences however the basic checks described above must be carried out to ensure that cues for all billiards are smooth and high-quality.
Armed with the basic knowledge of playing billiards and the best cue, you should now focus on perfecting your techniques through practice.