We are very excited to announce that we have reached an arrangement with a local party bus provider to give a great night out to groups of 2o or more ticket holders.  Party Bus Rentals NYC (http://www.partybusrentals.nyc) has agreed to provide significant discounts to Teco Theater customers for the coming Fall/Winter 2017 season.    Read below for the great details!

Group Rates for 20 or More

For groups of 20 or more we can provide 20% off of your ticket prices, and for the party buses to provide transportation to and from the venue, including refreshments and beverages.  The theater-goers will ride in the lap of luxury, and you can schedule an unlimited number of stops during your allotted time frame.

Still not sure?  Read below for a little bit more information about how a party bus might fit into your groups plans.

First, perhaps you aren’t sure what party buses are…

What are Party Buses Exactly?

party busParty buses are actually just what their name implies.  They are large buses equipped to handle upwards of 50 people at a time, and they are designed to include seating with open floor space for dancing, mingling, and well, partying!  They also have sound systems and TVs installed, just like a club or bar, to really mimic the party environment.

It’s a perfect way to kick off a night out, and let the party continue on after the show is over.

Good for Kids and Adults?

Yes!  While the bus is equipped for adult beverages and are often used for grown-up outings, they are also perfect for kids and teenagers as well.  These types of buses are often used for birthday parties, proms and other events that are specifically for younger adults.

What about availability?

Availability of course will depend on demand, so please give them a call at to inquire about your specific time and night.