The venue where a theatre performance is held plays an important role in the success of the performance. It is no wonder that a considerable portion of the theater production budgets can go into finding and hiring the most appropriate venue. Seating size of the venue, whether it allows for layered sitting or not, your budget, whether there is ample parking, and its proximity to a supply of refreshments and food are some of the factors that go into selecting the venue for a theatre performance. Once the venue has been selected, some preparation is necessary to make sure it is in top shape before the scheduled performance. These are some of the things you need to do in preparation for the performance:

Decide On The Seating Arrangement

If the venue you’ve selected for your live performance has layered, fixed seats, there’s nothing much you need to do in terms of the seating arrangement. However, if the selected venue gives you the freedom to play around with the arrangement, you need to make sure the seating order promotes your objectives. For instance, if you’ve decided that your show will be performed at envy venue in Orange County, you need to decide if the lounge seating will be removed to give room to round tables if you want to encourage dialogue during the players’ session. The most important concern in venue arrangement, however, should be to ensure that your audience’s view of the performance is not blocked. If an elevated platform is not available for the actors, you may need to make arrangements for appropriate platforming.


As you worry about the seating arrangement, you also need to make sure the venue is clean. You don’t want your audience to spend time pushing away objects and wiping their seats. You need them to be comfortable during the performance; thus you must ensure the venue is clean and smelling fresh.

Sound And Projection

If the venue doesn’t have the on-site sound equipment, you will need to get your own and have it installed early enough at the venue so that it can be tested to ensure the audience will be able to hear the performance clearly. This is especially important if sound tends to be swallowed due to the design of the venue. Some performances also require projection capabilities. If this is your case, you need to make arrangements for a projector to be installed if the venue doesn’t have one already.

Food And Refreshments

If your audience will be given food and refreshments, it is important to decide when and where this will be provided. Obviously, you don’t want the serving to take place at the same time the show is going on. The decision to provide these will also affect the sitting arrangement and setup of the space. You need to have this figured out in advance so that there are no interruptions during the performance.

Preparation is just as important as selecting a good venue; therefore, it is crucial to prepare well for the performance even as you ensure rehearsals take place.