Bingo is a very popular game around. Worldwide, more than 100 million people play bingo. Interestingly, more women play bingo compared to men. With such a huge base of people playing the game, it is not surprising that many movies contain scenes featuring bingo players. Often, they are depicted playing bingo in casinos. If movies show people playing it, theaters should do the same. Most bingo enthusiasts would not hesitate to visit theaters featuring bingo plays.

To Attract More Players

A theater like Teco can attract a large audience by showing such plays because there are fans of all kinds of sports-related plays including Bingo. There is an existing demand for such a play. All that is missing is the supply. Such shows will provide more entertainment for audiences. More importantly, the shows will also increase the buzz around bingo. As is the case with any other game, bingo could also do with more awareness. In many places, it is viewed wrongly.

To Destigmatize Bingo

Showing bingo plays would help lift off the stigma with which it is associated. Those against it say that bingo destroys social interactions, especially when played online. Some also voice their concern by saying that bingo can be addictive. In many places, the consensus is bingo is a form of gambling that has negative effects impacting individual health, financial well-being, and relationships. People playing are at times viewed negatively and considered out-of-control gamblers.

Bingo shows in theaters will help change the narrative. As previously stated, perception can be changed through such shows. More people will welcome and embrace bingo. More people will open their wallets to play bingo in casinos or online sites. Casinos and the online sites will make money. More crucially, players will earn huge winnings too.

To Expose Players to Money Generating Ideas

Bingo players can earn as little as $20 and as much as $1 million depending on the type of bingo they play. Many people play it leisurely to pass away the time. Others play it to make some money. Imagine what you could do with the $50,000-$100,000 you earn from playing bingo. The bingo plays can break the ceiling and increase demand for the game exponentially.
Most bingo players are in the 30-50 years age group. Interestingly, this same age group frequents the theaters a lot. In that sense, the right target or group of people is already in the theaters waiting for players that address their everyday concerns. There is no way a theater will go wrong by showing a bingo play to this audience. There is no harm in reiterating that the market for such a play already exists.

These plays can also be used to educate people on the negative impacts of irresponsible gaming behaviors.

A bigger percentage of people who play bingo do so from the safety of their homes. Theaters can offer such people an incentive to go out for other social Bingo-related fun activities other than staying at home scouring for the latest Bingo and gaming deals. A bingo play at the local theater will entice them to go out.