A theatre has to run efficiently to earn its keep, and a drain or plumbing issue can seriously affect its bottom line. Such an issue may be a minor nuisance, which closes washrooms for an hour or two, or involve catastrophic plumbing failure that brings programs to a standstill.

As a member of the management of a performing arts theatre, you would not want to make costly mistakes where theatre hall plumbing features are concerned. Remember that plumbing systems of a building housing a theatre differ from those found in residential buildings. Therefore, hiring a proficient plumbing service provider is not as simple as it sounds.

To ensure your theatre plumbing needs are adequately met, and excellent services are rendered, five issues need clarity. These must be known prior to securing the services offered by a commercial plumbing service provider for a theatre hall.

Plumbing Experience, License, and Insurance

Licensed plumbers most likely possess appropriate knowledge that ensures any work they undertake follows every theatre building and plumbing code. Liability insurance coverage, on their part, protects both parties should a costly mistake occur. Both these issues remain critical and must be considered when hiring a proficient theatre hall plumbing contractor.

Such a plumber must possess wide experience in plumbing repairs and maintenance for commercial entities of all types. Think of diverse business types that rely on plumbers. This includes gas stations, manufacturing plants, restaurant, and everything in between. That way, your patrons as assured of patronizing a premises whose plumbing is in top shape.

Estimate Charges

Before your chosen plumber can visit your theatre premises, seek clarity regarding whether inspection charges are part of the final bill. Inspection charges vary from one plumbing service provider to another. Some will not charge you while others charge you under trip charges.

Whatever they call an estimated charge, this is simply a cost they charge you for stopping by and making an assessment regarding the plumbing issue challenging your theatre hall. That is even before they undertake any real work.

Flat Fee or Hourly Rate

It’s important to understand precisely what you will be charged for and how your chosen plumber arrives at the charges levied. You will want to avoid paying for an unknown charge.

To ensure this, confirm with the service provider that the bill is either all-inclusive of parts and labor necessary or charges by the hour.

How Long They Have Been In Business

If, the plumber is employed by a firm, you should also find out how long the company has been in business. A plumbing service provider, who has been around for some time, will have rave reviews from around the community. Furthermore, a better-established and older trade will most likely have plumbers with wide experience and proven records of accomplishment in providing excellent service.

An established trade will be on call twenty-four hours a day and during holidays when theatre performance peaks. This way, programs will not come to a standstill until a plumber can fix the issue at hand.

What Does Their Warranty Policy Say?

Plumbing fixtures most often come with manufacturer warranty. Nevertheless, insist on knowing how long your plumber will guarantee their work. A proficient trade will guarantee their labor too. Ensure you understand the protocol involved in claiming warranty prior to appending your signature to the hiring contract.

Take these things into thought, and you’ll be able to confidently anticipate a good plumbing job to be done.