Party Bus Discounts for Group Theater Goers

We are very excited to announce that we have reached an arrangement with a local party bus provider to give a great night out to groups of 2o or more ticket holders.  Party Bus Rentals NYC ( has agreed to provide significant discounts to Teco Theater customers for the coming Fall/Winter 2017 season.    Read below for the great details!

Group Rates for 20 or More

For groups of 20 or more we can provide 20% off of your ticket prices, and for the party buses to provide transportation to and from the venue, including refreshments and beverages.  The theater-goers will ride in the lap of luxury, and you can schedule an unlimited number of stops during your allotted time frame.

Still not sure?  Read below for a little bit more information about how a party bus might fit into your groups plans.

First, perhaps you aren’t sure what party buses are…

What are Party Buses Exactly?

party busParty buses are actually just what their name implies.  They are large buses equipped to handle upwards of 50 people at a time, and they are designed to include seating with open floor space for dancing, mingling, and well, partying!  They also have sound systems and TVs installed, just like a club or bar, to really mimic the party environment.

It’s a perfect way to kick off a night out, and let the party continue on after the show is over.

Good for Kids and Adults?

Yes!  While the bus is equipped for adult beverages and are often used for grown-up outings, they are also perfect for kids and teenagers as well.  These types of buses are often used for birthday parties, proms and other events that are specifically for younger adults.

What about availability?

Availability of course will depend on demand, so please give them a call at to inquire about your specific time and night.





Ways to Fill Up the Theatre Seats

When you are putting together a theatre production and preparing a show, marketing should feature among the top items on your list of things to do. This is because without getting the word out there about your theatre production, you will get a measly audience. Even as you ensure rehearsals take place, invest in effective marketing tactics. Here are some strategies you can try.

Get a professional to help

Whether you are using flyers, banners, or exhibition stands, you need to use well-designed materials to sell your production. A professional printing and design company can help you create great advertising materials for better results. Better yet, check out for help with graphic design and printing of your ad materials and other marketing services.

Digital marketing

Like it or not, you need to take advantage of digital marketing channels to reach the online community. A very large percentage of people spend time online searching for information, products, services and yes; entertainment. You should not ignore the power of digital marketing. Different digital strategies can help you fill up those theatre seats when you have a show. This could be developing an optimized official website where you provide information about your productions, mobile marketing, and electronic billboards. Digital marketing doesn’t just provide channels for getting your message out; it also provides a way for you to analyze your fans sentiments. Combine digital marketing with the traditional strategies so that you can reach the population online and offline.

Social media and viral marketing

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all types. Theatre can also reap huge benefits from using social media as a marketing tool. Combined with viral marketing where interesting, funny and informative videos are shared widely, a theatre company can be able to reach a bigger population and advertise its productions. Make use of social media carefully to pass your message across and build a fan base without being annoying as well as to get feedback and suggestions you can use to better your productions. Don’t bombard your social media audience with overly frequent posts of show schedules. There are guidelines and best practices for using social media, which you should learn and implement to make the best of this potentially powerful marketing tool.

There are other strategies you can employ to get a larger audience. You just need to be aware of the weaknesses and strengths you have and be creative in finding ways to overcome the weaknesses and take advantage of the strengths. You can employ footwork to get your fliers to as many people as possible. You can also use a distribution company, adopt guerrilla marketing, offer discounts for the early birds and many other marketing strategies. The key is to find the right cocktail of strategies that will work for you.

Lastly, ditch a strategy if it yields no results. You need to measure the results of your marketing strategies and determine if they were effective or not. If it didn’t work, look for ways to improve or abandon the strategy altogether. Re-invest in marketing strategies because they gave you acceptable results not because it’s the strategy you usually use.

Finding Costumes for Theatre Productions

Finding costumes for a play or any other type of theatre production can be easy or difficult depending on the budget, type, and a number of costumes you need; among other factors. If you are operating on a limited budget and need hard-to-find costumes, it can be challenging. For a baseball-themed play or one with a baseball scene, you probably need to find shoes, caps, pants, jerseys, socks, and batting and catcher helmets. Those with scenes where you need several sets of matching uniform sets such as those with baseball teams can cause you a headache. Though difficult, it’s not impossible to find what you need, in fact, it can be easy to find uniform sets for a production if you know where to look. Here are ideas and tips on finding costumes for a theatre production with baseball-themed scenes.

Costume shops

There are costume stores that have collections of different costumes you can visit to buy or hire costumes. The problem with this is that you depend on luck to find the right costumes for your cast. Unless they get the same costume designs in bulk, you will likely not find what you want if you are looking for several standard baseball costumes that look alike, for instance, if you have to dress a team. Some companies also manufacture costumes specifically for rent. If you have any of these near you and the price would fit in your budget, you are more likely to find these baseball uniform sets in bulk.

Borrow from the cast

Find out if members of the cast have or know someone who has the kind of uniform or part of the baseball uniform set you need. They can help you find fitting costumes within a short time. Do you know of a recent production that used costumes similar to what you want? If so you can find out if you can hire the costumes for your production.

Hire a costume designer

If you can’t find a costume that fits your cast and the scenes being played, you can look for an affordable costume designer to help you come up with suitable costumes. If you choose this option, you need to find a designer early enough so that the costume sets can be ready and delivered by the scheduled time of the play.

Be creative

What you have even if it’s not a complete set can probably also work. Find ways you can tweak the costumes you can find into unique uniform sets that are fit the cast and the play. Depending on the story being told, the character of the cast and the scene, there is a lot you can do to come up with a fitting costume. You can find inspiration from different teams’ uniform sets.

If you are working on a tight budget, you can use several methods of saving money. For instance, if you are getting plenty of costumes or you find entire sets from one dealer, you might qualify for a discount. Secondly, if you are buying as opposed to hiring, look for items you can reuse. You should also buy large-sized costumes and find creative ways to make them fit the cast rather than looking an exact fit.

Maintaining a Spotless Theatre for Classy Shows

Spotless theater seats
Spotless theater seats and aisles are a must at upscale venues like Teco.

A hygienic theater can have an influence on the level of attendance of various shows offered by a theater. This is because an environment affects the way in which people view a particular place. It is important to ensure that a classy show is not affected by an unhygienic environment that will make the crowd feeling uncomfortable.

The management of various theaters can incorporate various mechanisms to ensure that the theater is always kept spotless for the possibility to host successful classy shows. Keeping a spotless theater is not a difficult thing to do and only requires a coordinated management effort with staff or service providers who are committed to the process.

Having the right manpower

One of the key components of service delivery is having a good workforce who are committed to what they do.  Employees can be hired initially on a probation basis to asses there level of competence and commitment. In some cases, the management may choose to subcontract an experienced cleaning firm. This will ensure that the management can focus on the core mandate of there existence and that is to ensure that all shows are successfully delivered without hitches

Cleaning interval

The cleaning intervals are highly recommended to be after every show. This is based on the fact that individuals usually bring in food related items that leaves the theater dirty. In this case it is important to have a significant amount of time between shows that will allow the cleaning crew to effectively do the cleaning without compromising the show activities. Having a thorough clean of the facility is also an important aspect of keeping the place spotless. This can be done when the theater is closed for the day. This include the cleaning of fixtures and fitting. It is important to note that seats need to be thoroughly cleaned after every show as they are the main casualties of dirt including from solid and liquid elements

Having the right Equipment

Investing is the right equipment is important in case where the cleaning services is not subcontracted to other professional service providers. This will ensure that certain areas can be cleaned where using one’s hand is difficult e.g. using a vacuum cleaner to clean tight corners.  We utilize steam cleaners on a regular basis to insure all seats are perfectly clean (if fact if you want you can take a look at the ones we evaluated, so you can know which one to choose for yourself, or as the french say, “savoir lequel choisir“.)  The equipment also reduces the amount of time that is spent cleaning and is in most cases more effective than using the normal broom and mop method. Having modern equipment ensures that the area will always be available within the stipulated time as cleaning using equipment usually uses less water that takes less time to dry

Limiting the food related items

One can also limit what type of food and drinks can be allowed within various theaters by implementing a no food from outside policy. This will ensure that clients only purchase certain kinds of food that are packed in a manner that will minimize the spillage of food and drinks in the theater. Limiting the type of food is also of critical importance with certain food items being able to permanently stain the seats or carpets in a theater. This bring about a position in which the theater has to incur extra costs in terms of replacing the stained items.